Pure Energi

Our mission is to create value through meaningful solutions for environmental sustainability.

We are a management consultancy and technical advisory company specialising in the global renewable industries sector. Supporting businesses, governments, and NGOs who are developing disruptive technologies, innovative services, and new products for environmental sustainability, we deliver independent advice, practical and intelligent solutions, and commercial value for our clients.

With experts from a broad range of disciplines,
we provide services to customers in over 70 countries.
We don't shout about who our customers are, but can guarantee you know many of them.

Extensive Experience


Every team member has
direct commercial experience

Robust Systems


Trusted by utilities,
governments, and NGOs


If it has never been done before,
we will find a way

Open Approach


Your project, on your terms,
with our support


Pure Energi has been providing solutions to businesses, governments, and NGOs since 2000. We work across the spectrum of enterprise, from start-ups to established multinationals and government authorities. Whether you need development of a business plan, long-term strategy, or intergovernmental policy, we have the team to deliver.

Our interim management and non-executive services provide clients with clear strategy guidance, risk-weighted planning, and well-balanced governance and operational structure support. We are partners in delivering opportunity and believe in the value of strong relationships.


We work around the globe, with experience and a record of success with which few can compete. We seek to build long-term relationships with and for those who engage us, opening our networks and expertise beyond our primary engagement to continue to add value throughout our client base through collaboration and partnerships.

We deliver a bespoke blend of expertise to address opportunities and challenges. Our approach is built from years of practical success and the application of a sustainability model that reflects the need to balance social, economic, and environmental factors.