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The Standard Payment Terms stated on this page shall apply where no other agreement has been signed to the contrary.

Standard Payment Terms

Where Pure Energi agrees to provide services to a Client that Client shall pay all invoiced fees within 30 days of presentation.

Payment shall be without deduction except insofar as the Client has notified to Pure Energi within 15 days of presentation of the relevant invoice a dispute.

The undisputed portion of a disputed invoice shall remain due for payment within 30 days of presentation and the Client shall make such payment accordingly.

Any disputed sum shall be subject to prompt discussion between the parties with the purpose of resolution and may be referred to binding independent arbitration by either party after no less than 45 days from the notification of the dispute.

  • The arbitor shall be a qualified solicitor or appropriate professional arbitor previously unconnected with both parties.
  • The Client shall make any payment defined by the appointed arbitor.
  • The costs of the arbitor shall be capped at £2500 and borne equally by both parties unless the arbitor shall determine otherwise.

Where fees are deferred by Pure Energi the Client shall accrue for such costs as advised on an ongoing basis and make provision for their prompt payment on presentation at the agreed time.

Where work is performed under a fixed price arrangement and such work is either terminated early or there is no instruction from the Client for a period of three or more months Pure Energi may immediately or at any time thereafter invoice the Client for all works performed at the lesser of the latest Schedule of Rates advised to the Client or £200 per hour and any expenses incurred at cost which the Client shall pay within 30 days of presentation.

The rights to the intellectual property produced by Pure Energi shall remain vested in Pure Energi until such time as full payment for all works under the relevant appointment is received and in the event of non payment not the subject of a pending or resolved dispute the Client shall immediately return all received works under the relevant appointment to Pure Energi to be retained by Pure Energi and released to the Client only on the payment of all fees due.

Pure Energi shall have the right to dispose of all works retained or otherwise in Pure Energi's control or posession should the Client be in default of payment terms for a period in excess of one year.

Where Pure Energi engages at its cost the services of a third party in order to provide services to the Client the terms of such engagement and the continuance of such service shall be at the sole discretion of Pure Energi.

Should the Client at any point be in default of payment terms any and all invoiced or deferred fees shall become immediately due be they contingent on a future event or not.

Pure Energi asserts its right to charge interest on late payment in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

The Client shall pay for all invoiced costs relating to the recovery of late payments by Pure Energi and its agents including but not limited to appointment of debt recovery specialists and attendance at creditor meetings.

Without prejudice to the Clients rights to confidentiality and the obligation of Pure Energi to maintain the same, where Pure Energi is advising a Client on a transaction that may result in investment, merger, sale of business activities or rights, or take over Pure Energi shall have the right to terminate or suspend any engagement with that Client and commence engagement with the transaction counterparty at any point subsequent to transaction terms being proposed by either the Client or the counterparty.